Rain-macs on, umbrellas up, and seasickness tabs at the ready, today we’re starting with a storm. The sea is roused, the sky is angry, lives are at risk, and Jesus… is taking a cheeky nap?! Huh? On Day 9 of Higher Bible reading, Jesus literally tells the weather to put its finger on its lips, before going pig-crazy. All is revealed…


Today's reading is from Mark 4:35-5:21. You can find it on page 764 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Whether you’re frightened for your life (like the capsizing disciples being pulled under by an enormous storm) or so messed up you feel like you have no quality of life (like the self-destructive human wreck who went by the name ‘Legion’) one thing Mark’s Gospel promises us is that Jesus is the answer! Both stories are coupled together here as illustrations of Jesus meeting people’s needs in their deep distress. Jesus shows his power over nature by shushing a storm, and his control over sickness by healing a man of a severe personality disorder. No ordinary man, this is someone with the power of God in his fingertips. Jesus is demonstrating that he is God. Mark’s invitation to us all today is to ‘go wake up Jesus’ – pray to him in your fear and anger – and see the storms of your life quieten down.


If worries are keeping you from sleeping at night, ask Jesus to help your brain quieten down.

Live It

People steered well clear of Legion. Who are the people you know who everybody steers well clear of? How can you change this around?


When you watch a good film a second time, you start to see the point of certain scenes for the first time – because you now know the end of the story. Well it’s the same with Mark’s Gospel. By the end scenes of this Gospel (Spoiler alert!) Jesus will be much like the tormented man in today’s story: naked, tortured, left on the outskirts of town, shouting incomprehensible things to the sky. Jesus lets evil do its worst to him on the cross, so that others can be set free. From tomorrow we’ll be getting nearer and nearer to the climax of Mark’s story: Jesus’ death. Don’t miss out.