Imagine going for a cheeky Nando’s and all your mates just sit and stare at the hot lickin’ chicken without tasting so much as a bite. Talk about killing a party atmosphere! The Pharisees start today’s reading by trying to sledgehammer Jesus’ atmos. They expect his disciples to go around with sour faces and rumbling tummies. (Note to self: don’t invite a Pharisee to your birthday bash!) Pass the chicken and dig into Day 5 of Mark’s Gospel…


Today's reading is from Mark 2:18-28. You can find it on page 762 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Any celeb will tell you they can’t even make a Pot Noodle without some third-rate journalist snooping around their kettle. Tabloids and magazines sell millions of copies by snooping on celebrities’ private lives and everyday behaviour. By Mark 2:23, Jesus has become Israel’s latest poster boy, and the Pharisees are poking around his private life to see if any mud will stick. The Pharisees were seen as holy men who knew the rulebook inside out, whereas Jesus had come to rewrite the rulebook. Why? Because all these rules and laws had made it impossible for people to connect to God. And Jesus was all about bringing people back to God. He still is today.


What stops you from connecting to God? Ask Jesus to help you.

Live It

Don’t be a party pooper telling people what they can and can’t do (like the Pharisees). Instead live out God’s great gift of life with a spring in your step.


Well, today was an important day because we met the Pharisees. These set of holy rollers oppose Jesus in more stories to come in Mark’s Gospel. They even have a hand in the events leading to Jesus’ death, which shows us that following God sometimes comes with opposition. In tomorrow’s reading the Pharisees begin to plot Jesus’ downfall. Not to be missed… see you then!

Say What?

Who are the Pharisees? The Pharisees were a strong group of devout religious Jews. Their aim was to see the people of God made holy. The way they went about this was by observing strict rules and commandments. This made it difficult for your average person to feel connected to God. They saw Jesus as a threat to all they stood for. Eventually they played a big part in Jesus’ death.