Day 4 of Higher Bible reading. Let’s face it – you could be doing other things right now… updating your status, washing your hair, de-fleaing the cat. Why not just hit delete on this email and get on with it all? Weeeellll… because if we put Bible reading and prayer top of our to-do list, everything else falls in place, or to put it in Jesus’ words, ‘Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need’ (Matthew 6:33). So stick with us for the next three weeks as we get into a rhythm of regular Bible time. Today we’re getting stuck in with a bit of improvisational DIY. Let’s start…


Today's reading is from Mark 2:1-17. You can find it on page 762 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Word gets round that Jesus is home, and lines of autograph hunters and miracle seekers are squashed against his door. One bright spark jumps the queue by cutting a hole in the roof and lowering himself on a stretcher. Rather than charge him a bill for damage to household contents, Jesus applauds his faith. (Lesson learned: Don’t stay on the edge of the crowd; dig through God’s roof and get in his presence.) The paralysed man not only leaves the room breakdancing, but with his sins forgiven too. But surely only God can forgive sins? No wonder shock waves ran through the house – Jesus is claiming to be on par with God! Either he’s lying, deluded or he is who he says he is: God. Which is it? It’s the million-dollar question that Mark helps us answer with the rest of his Gospel.


Today’s story tells us Jesus can forgive our sins, or in other words, wipe our slate clean. Own up to your mistakes before God and ask for a clean slate.

Live It

Who do you say Jesus is: a religious man, a good teacher, a lunatic, or God? Why?


Have you noticed how people seem to drop things around Jesus? The fishermen dropped their nets, the paralysed man dropped his mat, and Levi the tax collector dropped his job – all to follow Jesus. Don’t be surprised if you also start dropping bad habits or attitudes after spending time with Jesus. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Jesus dropping himself right in it. Find out why on Day 5...

Say What?

What does sin mean? Some think of ‘sin’ as an old fashioned word to describe what we really want to do but aren’t allowed. It’s much more than this. Sin is the opposite of God’s goodness. It’s what separates us from him. The consequences of sin eventually lead to death and destruction. God takes it so seriously he sent his Son to pay the price for it.