Handkerchiefs at the ready, boys… hope you’re wearing waterproof mascara, girls… because it’s our final day of Higher Bible reading! Yes, it’s (drumroll please) Day 30! With just a brief explanation of ‘Jesus: the Nappy Years,’ Mark’s Gospel has taken us from Jesus in the desert to Jesus on the cross and yesterday we reached the whole point of the story: Jesus bursting out of the grave to prove once and for all that death will always be the runner-up. Mark hardly lets you stop for a quick blast of your inhaler: in sixteen chapters he’s covered the universe’s greatest ever event. But are you ready for the bombshell? Most experts don’t think Mark even wrote today’s ending. Ssshh! Nobody tell his teacher…


Today's reading is from Mark 16:9-20. You can find it on page 778 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


First of all, let’s deal with the whole ‘who wrote what?’ fiasco. It’s thought that Mark’s original ending has been lost. Perhaps the last page of his scroll was accidentally torn off, or maybe he intended to end it as abruptly as it starts, or who knows, his dog ate it, honest Miss. Mark 16:9-20 seems to be the work of somebody else’s laptop – more than likely added on by early Christians who thought the reader needed to know more about what happened next. So what did happen next? Well, we read in the other Gospels (and this ending looks pretty much like a greatest hits compilation from Matthew, Luke and John’s ending) that Jesus is quite clear his news needs to be passed on to everyone. The news that Jesus has shown there is life after death. The news that Jesus can wipe our slates clean. The news that Jesus has the keys to unlock life’s purposes. Oh, and he throws in healings, adventure and miracles along the way. If you had the cure to every sickness and disease in the world, wouldn’t you want to pass on that cure? Well, Jesus has the cure to life’s meaninglessness and ending, and he wants you to help get that good news out.


Ask God to help you be brave in sharing what you believe about Jesus.

Live It

Today tell somebody about what you’ve discovered about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection during the last 30 days of Higher Bible reading. Go on… get the good news out!


Well that’s Mark’s Gospel done. You’re now an expert. You can close your Bible and expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to text you for advice. Er, not quite. Reading the Bible is not like reading ‘The Hunger Games’. You don’t read it once and then shelve it forever. The Bible is one of the main ways God reveals himself to us – so in order to get a fuller picture of God we need to carry on reading. Making it a regular habit like you’ve made it for these last thirty days will set you up for life. The Word of God calls itself ‘alive’, which means you can keep coming back to bits you’ve read before and keep seeing something different. We’ve loved having you along for the ride and we’d love you to keep on reading. You might want to check out the Gospel of Matthew, Luke or John next. Or for whatever happened to those disciples, try the book of Acts. Being part of a youth group at a local church will help you in all of this. As for us? This is Higher Bible signing off. It’s been emotional. Au revoir!