...from Higher Bible reading. It’s Day 3! Mark’s Gospel moves fast and there’s a lot to take in. We’ve only just met Jesus’ first friends and now we are whisked away from town to town, where Jesus shows sickness and disease who's boss. Let’s dig in…


Today's reading is from Mark 1:21-45. You can find it on page 761 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


How do you get your content liked, retweeted, republished, commented on, and blogged about? Jesus went ‘viral’ without so much as a click on the internet! Mark says he did it by his powerful words and healings. So whether it was shrieking demons, women with fevers or people with skin diseases, Jesus became the latest big thing by ripping up the dark and pouring in the light. The crowds loved it. But that was two thousand years ago and the miracles have dried up by now, right? Wrong! Jesus is still in the business of cartwheeling sickness into health. He chooses to do it through our prayers nowadays.


Instead of reaching for the paracetamol bottle, next time you get a thumping head, ask God to miraculously heal it!

Live It

Feeling dubious about today’s reading? Why not ask your local church youth leader if they know of anyone who has been miraculously healed?


Just before we sign off until tomorrow, here’s an interesting aside: Jesus tells the man healed from leprosy not to mention a word to anyone (Mark 1:44). Are there times when we, today, should keep quiet about Jesus too? In some countries in certain situations, it’s sometimes best not to draw too much attention to yourself. It isn’t about being a coward; it’s about being wise. Here in the UK though, we think it’s pretty wise to make a noise about Jesus. You could even tell somebody why you’ve become a Christian today!

Say What?

What does miracle mean? A miracle is a special act of God where his presence is shown by an amazing sign or display of power. Miracles tend to play outside our human understanding of how the world works. They are signs of how life will be when all is restored to how God wants it.