What’s the mood in camp like on Day 28: disbelief, grief, fear? Until yesterday, Jesus had always been the one in control. He controlled nature by calming a storm. He controlled the laws of physics by feeding 5,000 with a small packed lunch. He controlled crowds with his short sharp parables and healings. But now it looks like the religious leaders and the Romans are in control: sealing his fate by sentencing him to death. Now Jesus is dead, everything is out of control. The disciples hide, scattered around the city. Enter the unsung heroes of the Gospel story…


Today's reading is from Mark 15:42-47. You can find it on page 777 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Not everybody at Jesus’ trial wanted him out of the picture. Take Joseph of Arimathea. He was a member of the Jewish council and he must’ve sniffed a political stitch-up when he saw it. Why else does he find the courage to ask Pilate for the battered body? He goes to Golgotha, lowers the crossbeam, picks out the nails from torn flesh and carries the twisted frame of Jesus in a cloth and places him in a tomb. He gives up his own grave. He does the right thing. More importantly he’s created a space for God’s next miracle. He’s given a space or a room for the miracle that will change the world. Just as Mary, Jesus’ mother, had given space in her womb to grow God’s Son for nine months (See Luke 1:26- 2:30 on page 779 of your Higher Bible), Joseph has given God a space for the resurrection (we’ll get to that tomorrow).


Joseph of Arimathea has given Jesus a resting place. God has set everything up for the next part of the story. But for now everything must rest, including Jesus’ body. Pray for great rest for yourself.

Live It

Joseph of Arimathea created a space for God to work a miracle. How could you create space in your life for God to work the unexpected? Think about what things you could drop in order to create more time to be with God.


Today’s reading was only seven verses long. It is, however, one of the strangest short pieces in the Bible. Why? Well it’s the only part of the story where Jesus seems lifeless. Contrary to all the bumper stickers, for one day only; Jesus isn’t alive. But watch out, the most extraordinary event in the history of this planet is just around the corner. Is that the sound of Jesus rising you can hear? Make sure you’re on board tomorrow!