Day 27 is an extremely important part of our 30 days with Mark’s Gospel. Throughout the story Mark has given us more than a nod that Jesus is the Son of God. The voice of God has declared it at his baptism (Day 1) the parable of the wicked tenants (Day 22) spoke of it, and in yesterday’s reading, Jesus himself admitted it (Day 26). Today we see what God’s Son was sent to do. A dark cloud of evil descends on Jesus as he absorbs all the suffering, sin and death of this world into his crucified body…


Today's reading is from Mark 15:16-39. You can find it on page 777 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


The troops have smashed him, the crowds laughed at him, and the disciples deserted him. Jesus must face the cross alone. When evil has played its last hand and Jesus has faded into nothingness, it is left to an unbelieving soldier to have the last word. This is God’s Son. The first voice of sanity is left to a war-hardened thug, who thinks nothing of killing a man like we might kill a fly. From now on God’s kingdom is open to us all. Jesus’ death tears the curtain between God and humankind. The temple is as good as finished; Jesus is now the only ‘temple’ we need to worship God. The sin that would separate us from God’s presence is dealt with on the cross. Evil has been paid off; God has foot the bill himself. From now on, we know where God is when we hurt, when we think we can’t find him – he’s hanging on a cross. He’s taking on our pain. This is a God who understands what it feels like to suffer. This is the God of love. This is our God.


Imagine Jesus on the cross. Hear the crowds goad him, watch the evil of it all, look at that broken figure. Jesus did that for you. Edge nearer to the cross and tell him what you need to tell him.

Live It

There are three other versions of Jesus’ death in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John. Read them all as stories of love. Keep in mind, God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.


Jesus’ work is complete. It has taken him 33 years to show people the way back to God. He’s used stories, miracles, healings and finally his own life. With his last breath he utters, ‘It is finished.’ But the good news has only just begun. Stay with us for the last few days as we begin to glimpse Jesus’ mission for us at the end of Mark’s Gospel.