Day 25 of Higher Bible reading starts with a woman smashing open her best bottle of Vera Wang on Jesus’ feet. Those looking on feel embarrassed. And not for the first time in Mark’s Gospel, the women get it right, whilst the men get it wrong…


Today's reading is from Mark 14:1-25. You can find it on page 775 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Passover was supposed to be a celebration – a kind of Christmas Day before turkey and sprouts were dreamed up. Everyone in Jerusalem ate the Passover meal in remembrance of how God had rescued the Jewish people from slavery in the days of Moses (for the full story, check out Exodus 12 on page 52 of your Higher Bible). Yet there are no party poppers popping tonight; Jesus seems troubled. Judas seems jumpy. And then he took the bread and wine, as he’d done before, only this time he looked pained. Were those tears in his eyes? ‘Remember this’ he said, voice breaking mid-sentence. And the atmosphere grew unbearable. Judas slipped away into the night. And the darkest drama in history began. Christians today still remember this painful story as they break bread and pour wine during church services.


The disciples must have painful memories about the last supper before Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. No doubt, you have your own painful memories about a personal situation. Ask God to bringing heal from the pain.

Live It

Get involved in a Communion service at a church near you. Take the bread and wine and thank Jesus for his incredible sacrifice.


Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? First kiss? Flew on a plane? Memory makes us who we are. Jesus asks us to remember his Last Supper because it reminds us who we are: friends at his dinner table. It reminds us what he has done for us: poured out his blood like wine and broken his body like bread. Tomorrow we begin to follow Jesus’ dark steps to the cross, as Mark’s Gospel begins to narrow into clear focus. You’d be crazy to jump ship now! See you.