Make yourself comfortable… we’re going to have a little ‘birds-and-the-bees’ chat! (Squirm.) When Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear love each other very much they have a special cuddle and nine months later… Baby Bear arrives! Our nice little story conveniently misses out the terrible agony of childbirth (sorry, girls!). On Day 24 of Higher Bible reading, Jesus compares the screaming, crying and groaning of life to the pangs of giving birth. New life, or God’s kingdom, is being born so we should expect one or two labour pains…


Today's reading is from Mark 13:1-37. You can find it on page 774 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Justice, peace, love, truth and mercy will be the norm when God’s kingdom fully arrives. In the meantime, we shouldn’t be surprised to see tragic pictures of earthquakes or children starving in our newspapers. We shouldn’t be shocked to see countries at war or acts of terrorism on our flat-screens. They’re distressing signs that the world is groaning with labour pains, waiting for God to put things right once and for all. Jesus tells us not to sit around thinking about timetables for the end of the world but to keep watch. To stay alert. Not to fall asleep on the job and wash our hands of all responsibility. We are to admit our part in what’s wrong with the world, do a ‘three-point turn in the road’; and start living like God’s kingdom has already come. By being slow to anger, quick to forgive, loving no matter what cost, we can begin to play our part in putting God’s world right-side up today.


Is there anything you need to do a ‘three point turn’ on? Maybe your anger is out of control or you find it hard to forgive someone. Ask God to help you with it.

Live It

Ask yourself: is there is anyone you need to say sorry to, or anything you need to put right today? Then be brave and do it!


Did you know, 40 years after Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple, history books tell us that it was burnt down, destroying the city and murdering thousands of Jews? Jesus’ words came true! More importantly, Jesus’s own predictions about his death and resurrection are about to come true. Stick with Mark’s Gospel this week to find out more.