Comedian Woody Allen once joked, ‘I don’t believe in the afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear.’ Well, it’s day 23 and Jesus is in no doubt there is life after death. And it’s not what you expected…


Today's reading is from Mark 12:18-44. You can find it on page 773 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


People seem to have strange ideas about heaven, involving clouds and harps and angel wings. It all sounds a bit boring. In today’s reading the rich and religious Sadducees (think Pharisees with a credit card) question Jesus about life after death. Interestingly, the Sadducees didn’t believe in Heaven, so their odd question about marriage is really a way at poking fun at the whole idea of an afterlife. Jesus suggests they’ve missed the mark completely. Life after death isn’t nearly as mundane and boring as they make it out to be. Nor is it as boring and mundane as we sometimes make it out to be. What’s your idea of Heaven: A place where Chocolate is considered as one of your five a day, a palace packed with every wish you could dream of; a land where cellulite is illegal? Well, all of that pales in comparison to the reality of the actual afterlife! Heaven is going to be transformational. Life’s terms and conditions will be ripped up and there will be nothing holding us back from enjoying God and living a fulfilled existence. Every bad thing we experience in this world will be wiped out forever. So make sure you get your seat reserved next to the dessert table!


Life is short, but eternity is long. Ask God to help you make the most of your short time here on earth.

Live It

Revelation 21:4 says there will be no more death or crying or pain, for the old has passed away. The new promises to be only good. You can build up a better picture of heaven by reading about it in your Higher Bible! Good places to start are: Isaiah 25: 8-12 (page 535) John 14:2-4 (page 823) and Revelation 7:13-17 (page 953).


The final scene of today sees Jesus applauding a widow for popping a couple of quid on the collection plate. It might not seem much but she’s given all she has to God. Mark is setting us up for Jesus’ finale. Very soon Jesus too will give up every last bit he has to God – his life. Today’s reading might have brought up a whole load of questions around death, heaven, what’s out there? Why not talk them over with your youth leader? In the meantime… see you again tomorrow.