People fill the streets when someone famous comes to town, whether it’s a red carpet for a movie star or an open-top bus parade for a cup-winning football team. The banners aren’t often waving on the arrival of a religious person (unless it’s the Pope on tour) but that’s where Day 21 begins. Crowds jostle, the noise is deafening as Jesus rolls up in a stretch limo… er, sorry… make that a donkey!


Today's reading is from Mark 11:1-33. You can find it on page 772 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


You don’t put your coat on a dusty, stone road for just anybody. You do it for royalty. The people waving tree branches and flinging down cloaks are welcoming Jesus into the capital city as if he’s a king. But then he does something very un-regal: entering the temple, the king begins to kick around tables and scream his lungs out. Now, Jesus isn’t in need of an anger management session here: he’s making a stand against the corruption of God’s holy place. He’s kicking up a storm about how far God’s people have strayed from God’s purposes. God has been squeezed out of his own home by corrupt, overly-religious, people on the make, and he wasn’t pleased about it. Who did this young penniless preacher think he was? The Chief Priests’ entourage is wrong-footed when they ask Jesus about what right he has to do such things. It all stems back to Day 1’s reading where a voice broke through the sky saying ‘This is my Son whom I love.’ There’s the answer, right there. Jesus is the true King, God’s own Son. He has the right (or authority) to do anything. Especially to put his Father’s house back in order.


Today’s reading is a good example of Jesus getting angry with the things wrong with this world. What do you think is unjust or unfair about life today? Homelessness? Racism? Violence? Pray for change in our world.

Live It

Now, think of ways you could be the answer to your own prayer today. Could you role model peace instead of violence somehow? Or maybe it’s as simple as buying a copy of the Big Issue to help a homeless person. Be bold and creative.


It’s the beginning of the end for Jesus. He makes enemies of influential people by disrupting the temple. By the end of the week, he will pay the price with his own life, and the city now welcoming him like a King will soon be calling for his execution. Don’t miss a day from now on as we uncover Jesus’ final days. Tomorrow he stirs up more trouble.