Have you ever Googled the lyrics to your favourite song? They don’t seem to mean as much without the emotion of the music, do they? At the beginning of Day 17, Jesus transforms his words not with music but light! Proving he’s not away with the fairies talking about God’s kingdom, but that he is speaking and embodying God’s truth, Jesus’ whole body backs his words up by glowing like heaven’s own laser-light show…


Today's reading is from Mark 9:1-29. You can find it on page 769 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


It’s almost as if the giant finger from the Lotto ads breaks into our Bible. With a voice booming out from a cloud amp: 'This is my dearly loved Son. Listen to him.' God, Elijah and Moses (two major league players from the Bible’s Old Testament) all point to Jesus as the answer to the world’s prayers. It’s as dramatic as the first time it happened at Jesus’ baptism in the desert. Jesus warns Peter, James and John to keep schtum until he’s back from the grave, which leaves them puzzled. Not as puzzled, however, as the disciples who are having a bad day at the office down the bottom of the mountain, struggling with a demon domestic. Why can’t they heal this young boy? It’s never been this difficult before. Faith suddenly becomes hard. Caught in the middle of ‘I want to believe but I can’t’, the boy’s dad gropes around for help. In doing so, his moving words, ‘I do believe. Help my unbelief’, become an example of prayer to all of us who struggle with doubts. In the story, Mark is telling us things are going to get harder for Jesus. God’s whole saving package is going to take Jesus to some very dark places. The shadow of the cross looms large.


Like the man in today’s story who prayed, ‘I believe. Help me with my unbelief’ ask God to help you with anything you have doubts about, or are struggling with.

Live It

Doubts are not the enemy of faith. In fact they can help us draw nearer to God. Ask your church youth leader to pray with you about any doubts you might be having.


Sometimes the disciples might have found following Jesus quite easy. But other times, like today, faith became more difficult. It’s the same for us. We will have times when everything makes sense, and there will be times when we are clinging on by our fingernails. The important thing is to be honest about your thoughts and feelings. See you tomorrow!