Set the table, we’ve got five thousand guests coming over for dinner! Day 12 is all about Jesus’ most famous miracles. As if feeding thousands of people with a small packed lunch isn’t enough, Jesus goes to walk it all off with a casual stroll on the water. (Now that’s just showing off.) Gobsmacked faces at the ready… 


Today's reading is from Mark 6:30-56. You can find it on page 766 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Lets deal with the miracle of the tuna baguette first. What does it all mean? Is Jesus just very nifty at making a meal stretch? Should he enter the next series of Bake Off? Again, we are witnessing God’s kingdom breaking out. The wow factor of the story is found in Jesus’ supernatural power but the meaning of the story is found in his compassion. He sees the crowd’s hunger and his heart breaks. He has to do something about it out of his love. Always a team player, Jesus invites his disciples into the miracle too: ‘You give them something to eat,’ he says. Jesus says the same to us today. OK, we can’t just rustle up dinner for five thousand with a click of the fingers, but we can donate a tin of beans to a local food bank or buy a homeless person a sandwich. Now let’s look at miracle number two: water-walking. On a boat on the choppy waters, already seasick, the sight of a ghost wasn’t exactly what the disciples needed to settle their iffy tummies. Except this wasn’t a ghost – it was Jesus trying to wear in a new pair of trainers on the Sea of Galilee. Again, the miracle seems to be for other people’s benefits not Jesus’. The panic of the disciples dies out when Jesus walks into the picture. 


When we are fearful, it affects how we see everything. The disciples saw a ghost. What do you see during life’s storms? Hopelessness? Failure? Panic? Keep your eye on the one who walks on water. Trust the one who can calm your storms. Know him who gets in your boat. 1 John 4:18 in your Higher Bible says, 'perfect love drives out fear.' Pray for Jesus’ love to calm your fears.

Live It

Next time you feel overwhelmed with fear, instead of panicking, say a little prayer and watch out for God’s peace.


Did you feel like you needed to rub your eyes reading today’s stories? Jesus did what?! But that’s impossible! Yup. Mark’s Gospel is raising the stakes. If you find it hard to believe these stories wait until you reach the end – that’s what Mark seems to be saying. How is this all going to end? Where are we heading? Keep on journeying with us to find out. Bye for now.