In true ‘buy one get one free’ fashion, Day 10’s Higher Bible reading gives us one story tucked inside another. The outer story is about a dead twelve-year-old girl; the inner story is about a woman who has suffered with an illness for the same twelve years. Both stories work together, and show us how Jesus can take us from fear to faith…


Today's reading is from Mark 5:21-43. You can find it on page 765 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


Imagine Justin Bieber asking a concert hall full of screaming pre-teens, ‘Who just took a picture of me?’ Er… pretty much everyone, JB! Well, Jesus asks something almost as daft when he says, ‘Who just touched me?’ Talk about oversensitive! Except, Jesus knows healing power has drained from his body. And he isn’t going to let this miracle go without the woman going public first. But it’s not about embarrassing the poor woman – it’s more about Jesus applauding her faith. This story gives us hope that when we reach out to touch Jesus, he responds by turning our fear into faith. A little while later we are placed in a room full of grieving people. Hope is surely dead – the girl has passed on. Only this time, it is Jesus who reaches out a hand. The life-giving power of God breaks into her lifelessness. The girl wakes from death as if she’s simply had her alarm on snooze.


Do you have a situation where it seems all hope is dead? Take a leaf from these two stories and reach out to God in prayer.

Live It

Jesus specialises in bringing hope to dead end situations. Do you know of anyone going through a tough situation at the moment? How can you show them hope?


Jesus must’ve been surrounded by death – so why didn’t he bring more people to life? Well his mission wasn’t to put undertakers out of business, nor was he a one-man emergency hospital. His primary focus was walking the road to the cross. Of course there would be miracles and teaching along the way, but these was not his destination. Mark includes them like road signs on the way to the journey’s end. The biggest miracle is still to come. So keep on reading. Byeee!

Say What?

What does faith mean? Today we think about faith as somebody’s beliefs or religion. Faith in Mark’s Gospel is bigger than this. It covers human trust and loyalty to God. By putting their faith in Jesus, people were not just accepting what was true about him; they were placing their trust in him. This trust often unlocked the way to a miracle or healing.