and welcome to not only the most important day of your Higher Bible reading – but also to the most important day of your life! Its Day 29. Jesus has been telling the disciples time and time again he would suffer, be killed, and rise again from the dead. So far they’ve not understood this, probably thinking he was talking in riddles or something. But he’s not, he’s speaking the truth. And just to prove it, here he is, back from the grave and live in person. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the resurrected Jesus…


Today's reading is from Mark 16:1-8. You can find it on page 778 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


It must have been a depressing walk to the garden early that Sunday morning. Their minds remembering only last week Jesus welcomed to the city as a hero and saviour. Next the bloodthirsty crowds crying out for his execution. And then his battered body left to rot on a cross. Not only was it the death of their closest friend but the death too of all their hopes and dreams. They thought he would save them but he couldn’t even save himself. As they wound through tired streets they turned a corner and froze. The tomb was wide open! So they cautiously crept in. Empty! What? How? Who? And then the man in white – where had he come from? ‘You’re looking for Jesus. He isn’t here. He’s been raised to life.’ But they’d seen him die with their very own eyes. He was dead, definitely dead. A corpse. Not breathing. How could this be? Had grief toppled over into madness? The greatest miracle ever: Jesus is alive. The trouble is they’ve been so preoccupied with the hurt and shame and death, they’ve forgotten what Jesus said he would do with the hurt and shame and death. He would defeat it. Well now he has. An empty tomb is the proof.


Nothing is ever dead and buried with God. Our hopes, our dreams, our promises… just when you think they’re dead, God brings them back to life. Pray for God to revive those precious things you thought were gone.

Live It

Jesus has been raised to life which means we can be, too. Death is not the final full stop. There is a new world waiting for us which is free from all hurt and shame and death. We can start to demonstrate that new world in how we live now, and who knows, it might begin to rub off on other people, too. Tonight you could light a candle for anyone who is still struggling in the dark, and pray that Jesus would send them shafts of light from this new world


Well, we’ve just one more day to go with Mark’s Gospel. Be sure not to fall at the last hurdle, and see you tomorrow!