Dog crumbs, deafness and dribble is where we’re heading on Day 14 of Higher Bible reading. Yesterday we got all OCD with those clean-freak Pharisees; today, Jesus gets deep, down and dirty with the flob of God. Say what?!


Today's reading is from Mark 7:24-37. You can find it on page 767 of your Higher Bible.
You can also read it online here.


This is a first for Jesus: he’s a bit reluctant to heal a woman’s daughter at first. Is he too tired? Have his powers been finally outmatched by an illness? And what’s with the name-calling: Dogs! How very rude! No Jesus isn’t having a bad day at the office – it’s all to do with his mission. Jesus is first sent to preach good news and perform wonders to people of the Jewish faith. But here’s a woman who isn’t Jewish. What’s a Messiah to do? Well, he’s being careful not be distracted into other areas away from his difficult and dangerous task of walking to the cross. But nevertheless Jesus is impressed by her faith and starts to tear down the old barriers. God isn’t just being revealed to people of the Jewish faith anymore, he’s being revealed to everyone!  


In the second story today, Jesus helps a deaf and man hear. Ask God to help you hear what he is saying to you. 

Live It

Life is never boring when Jesus is around. Things happen that make your jaw drop. So why is religion seen as mind-numbingly dull these days? Write a list of the things you think churches should be doing to match the wow of Jesus. 


Jesus orders the deaf man not to tell anyone about how he found his hearing. Perhaps he is buying time to help more people before the inevitable road to the cross? Mark isn’t really clear on Jesus’s motives; however, we soon find out word is spreading quick about the famous healer man. See you tomorrow when we’ve got dinner reservations for thousands! 

Say What?

What is a gentileThe Jews divided the world into Jews and Non-Jews. The Non-Jews were known as gentiles. Non-Jews were also called ‘dogs’ in New Testament times, hence all the dog-talk between Jesus and the woman in today’s story. Woof woof